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Teach English on a Tropical Island!
We invite teachers currently in China to teach in amazing tropical Hainan.  Several kindergartens are looking for teachers for a September start.  

Working hours are typically 8-12/3:00-5:30.  3 free meals a day, insurance, end of contract bonus.  You will teach 3 25-30 minute classes per day, the rest of the time is spent playing with the guides and guiding them in daily activities.  Enjoy here hour lunch break in a hammock near the ocean or go for a swim. Hainan is also a Free Trade Port welcoming foreigners to open innovative businesses.  Do you have a business idea.  You can easily open a business here while teaching.  GCR has a special offer.  If you are hired through GCR you will get a 2,000 yuan sign-up bonus after the end of your first month of work.

Requirements: Must currently be in China (we have no idea when borders will be open)

Native speaker with 2 yrs kindergarten experience.  BA, Non criminal record certificate