Premium Package

The package consists of several components

98% of all TEFL jobs that you find on the web are not even worth a second look, we focus on the remaining 2%. Some sections on our website, such as the Premium ESL job board, can only be accessed after paying a one-time fee. Get started applying for the highest paying teaching jobs at leading schools worldwide

Unlimited use of our Premium ESL job board

Your Premium password allows you to apply for as many teaching jobs as you like on our exclusive Premium job board, and you get instant access to hundreds of up-to-date Premium job openings in over 70 countries. Our unique Premium ESL job board contains handpicked teaching positions from handpicked schools

Priority handling of your Premium applications

Statistics show that the vast majority of schools handle Premium applications with priority and generally review them long before other "standard" applications. The success rate of Premium applications is 10-15 times higher compared to standard applications, giving you a huge advantage when applying for TEFL jobs

SSL encrypted transmission of your applications

Teach Abroad holds your privacy in the highest regard. We protect your personal data and your Premium applications (including attached documents) will be sent anonymously and can only be seen by our registered schools, no data is ever stored, neither about the sender nor about the recipient

Only schools with high international standards

It can be very difficult and frustrating to determine reputable schools from questionable ones. And because we've done our homework, Teach Abroad gives you the security of knowing that you will be applying for TEFL jobs in schools that offer high standards, a pleasant work environment, and a very competitive salary

Professional guidance from our support team

With your premium login details you will be able to access our teacher support area in case you need any further guidance or advice from our team of experts with 15+ years experience in the field. Our team can provide you with further details regarding start dates as well as qualification requirements in a specific teaching location

New: Send personal messages to employers

This new application feature allows you to include personal messages for employers when you send Premium applications - We recommend to use this option to include a quick introduction of yourself. You'll receive instant confirmation messages to check if your Premium applications have been successfully sent to schools

Numerous positive feedbacks from teachers

If you haven't found a well paid teaching job yet, it's likely because you haven't used the right tools! Countless job seekers have found paid teaching jobs through our Premium job board, many of which have left us a positive feedback and recommended our Premium Package to fellow teachers. Check out some teacher feebacks

Access to our comprehensive school directory

You get instant access to our comprehensive school directory for teachers - Our school directory contains contact details and website addresses from 1000's of private language schools, public schools, international schools, and universities in over 70 countries. Most of the listed schools also have openings available all year round

You receive our guide ebook for ESL teachers

You receive the 3rd edition of our guide ebook for English teachers with 274 pages containing hundreds of hours of extensive research packed into just one eBook. All you need to know about teaching English abroad, see what qualifications you need to teach in a specific country, plus salary and work permit related infos

There are no memberships and no other costs

Premium Package Special Offer: You can buy our Premium package for a one-time payment of $149 - Your premium login details will be sent to you via email and you can get started applying for available Premium job openings straight away. The price for the Premium package will be raised soon, so now is the best time to buy

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