Premium TEFL Job Board Benefits

Premium Applications: Your Premium password allows you to apply for as many jobs as you want. Many schools post their available teaching positions exclusively with us, and you get instant access to hundreds of available job openings in over 70 countries worldwide. Find your dream teaching job abroad!

Priority Handling: Statistics show that the vast majority of schools handle Premium applications with priority and generally review them long before other "standard" applications. Premium applications will boost your job search and highly increase your chances to get hired

Encrypted Transmission: Teach Abroad protects your personal data and your applications (including attached documents) will be sent anonymously and can only be seen by schools, no data is ever stored, neither about the sender nor about the recipient

Personal Messages
: This new application feature allows you to include personal messages for employers when you send Premium applications. You'll receive instant application confirmation messages to check if your job applications have been successfully sent to schools

Guidebook: You receive our guidebook for English teachers with 274 pages containing hundreds of hours of extensive research packed into just one eBook. All you need to know about teaching English abroad, plus salary and work permit related information

School Directory: You get instant access to our comprehensive school directory for teachers - Our school directory contains contact details and website addresses from 1000's of private language schools, public schools, international schools, and universities in 70+ countries

No automatic renewals, No recurring fees, No subscriptions By paying the one-off Premium fee you get instant access to our Premium job board - The success rate of Premium applications is 10 times higher compared to standard applications, which gives you have a huge advantage when applying for TEFL jobs abroad

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